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I feel much better


I DISS COPYCATS. This issue will be explained in greater detail in the next post. If you think this is you, be prepared to receive a full-scale verbal attack from me.

The image below is a sneak preview to the layout that I had just created. Took me 3 nights to code the whole thing.

New layout

I know you can’t see much from the image above, that’s because I don’t want to expose the whole thing yet to the public since it’s only 70% done, plus there is a chance that I may not end up using it at all! Hahaha!

And oh, before you start asking me whether I provide premade layouts or take custom layout requests, the answer is NO. The layouts I created are solely for my personal use therefore it is prone to be laden with errors here and there. And since I don’t want to handle any error queries/supports on the layouts, I decided not to release any layouts for downloads. Hopefully I’ve made myself clear on that point because I’m tired and sick of having to answer questions on the layouts. There are hundreds of websites out there that provide those services, just Google them.


I must thank everyone for the very very useful advice that you guys gave to my problem mentioned in the previous post. I appreciate that very much. *kisses and hugs*
And I’m sorry for using vulgarities in the last post, and I understand that some of you find it disturbing but I was really in a bad emotional state at that time. Mea culpa, mea culpa. I won’t promise it will not happen again because it will, but I promise I will put up a notice at the top of my posts to warn those who may find the blog content offensive. 🙂

I’m glad to say that Leon and I are as happy as we used to be. We’ve sorted out the issue. Yay!

After a week of holiday (and too much eating), I’ve gained a considerable amount of belly fats! 😥 Yes, you read that right. Ugly belly fats! I need to lose them ASAP. Anybody can help me out?

I hate going to sites that have background music. Mind you, I have nothing against the owner or the site, I just dislike having forced to listen to the music while reading the blog posts. Plus, I’m the kind of person who gets distracted easily. I cannot concentrate on what I’m reading with some cheesy music blaring from my laptop’s speakers. The worse kind is when the music is embedded in the background where there is NO stop/pause button for you to turn the music off. With music widgets, at least there’s a button for you to click. You might say, “For God sake, just leave the website”. I can, and I will do so, but what if I find the website have some interesting posts and I want to read them? Or you can say, “turn off the speakers then”, but what if I don’t want to because I want to listen to my own songs? Shouldn’t it be YOUR responsibility to cater to your visitors’ needs, hmm?
I think this is something that all bloggers/web owners must realise and take account; that not everyone likes to listen to sound/music when they are browsing through a website/blog. Even if they DO, they may not like listening to your music. Everybody have different taste for music, you know?

Questions for you:
1. What was the last food you ate?
2. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?
3. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi And Coke?

Here’s my own answers:
1. Corn flakes
2. Mmm… my brains, I think.
3. I barely can. Sometimes I thought I was drinking Coke when actually it was Pepsi.

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