As briefly (though not so-lightly) mentioned in the last post, I was fuming over the issue of copycats. In this post I will explain why. Have you ever experienced this where you spent long hours in front of the computer, editing your site, tweaking your codes, modifying your layouts, and the next thing you know there’s another website looking vaguely similar to yours?

I have. And it is very annoying.

Of course I cannot accuse these people copied my style 100% because codes, scripts, colours are free for everyone to use (the term “free” here being subjective). Nor it is illegal. But when the codes/scripts/colours are used the same as I do or arranged the way I arrange it, then it is a problem.

Some people may take pride in this because it shows that their works are worth to be copied. They say imitation is the best form of flattery. Obviously the person who had said that never experienced the pain of his work being copied. Well unfortunately I don’t feel the same way. I feel WRONGED. I try to make my work, if not necessarily unique, at least have the touch of my essence. But thanks to copycats, that has been blown away to the next planet.

I remember spending days (not hours!) working my ass off to figure out on how to modify a script so that it will suit my need and the next thing I knew, someone had amazingly and so easily copied it off from me. I really do not appreciate that.

What pisses me even more is when this bleeding label is pasted somewhere on the copycats’ sites: “Everything is made by me/copyrighted by me”. My ARSE! I think I don’t have to go into details on this, I’ve mentioned it already in one of the previous posts (gone when my WordPress screwed up) or you can read this.

You might think this is a laughing matter. It is not. It may be a harmless act if you are simply copying from a non-profit site such as personal blogs/personal graphics sites. But what if you copied from a registered organisations/companies/online shops? You can be sued for it. The companies may file a lawsuit against you. Of course you would say, “I’m not that stupid to copy from those sites”. Maybe so, but your act (the copying) itself makes you an unethical person.

“I’m just taking inspiration from your site”. There is a fine line between taking inspiration and imitation. Getting inspiration is when you get ideas from what you see/hear and re-construct that idea in your own way while imitating is getting ideas from something else and put it on your website/blog “as is”. Also, taking my self-modified code and putting it on your site, that’s called plain laziness sweetheart. Copying my words without my permission makes you a thief, and a cheap one too.

If you are too lazy to come up with a fresh idea of your own, then settle with what you have. Copying doesn’t make you look cool, instead it makes you look stupid, not to mention lazy, and above all else, a COPYCAT. Try it, and expect to get at least a finger from me, I can assure you that.

Finally, my message to all copycats: please, go get a life. If you can’t stop that habit, you can try glue-sniffing. It’s addictive too, but at least it doesn’t piss other people off.

You may, of course, not agree with whatever I’ve just said above. If you have any other opinions besides mine, you are welcomed to post them in the comments section.


  1. Syahadah

    woah how you find out about the copycat? I want the link >.<

  2. Yup Kitty.I agree.But if he copies you in another style a second time,you have to reveal who it is.It like shaming him but of course,it seems kind of,cruel,doesn’t it?But you have to make the person suffer first or else he don’t know what is the punishment for copying 😛

  3. Oh dear, copy cat problems are so frustrating >,<'' I can totally understand why you'd get fried, especially if you work days on coding the layout! And btw, your CSS and layout is really gorgeous, i love all the detail and colors you have for every little thing, i can see why it took so long to work on! Hope something like that never happens again!

    1. Alright.By the way,your sentence :

      “I will see how it goes, and if it happens again, I will definitely take some actions.”

      is one that i agree with!

  4. copycats and people stealing your graphics are the worst — but it’s worse when they give you no credit or not even note you about it, asking or at least letting you know. i saw that happen to me on myspace like a couple months ago. it’s annoying when it’s some annoying tween doing it, but someone close to your age is just as bad, if not worse in some way.

    inconsiderate people.

  5. Turns out that the reason for the 0 was that part of my summary contained a sentence taken almost exactly from the article itself. It was a complete accident — the way I wrote it was how I phrased it in my mind and it was just a coincidence — but apparently that’s a case of plagiarism. The college has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism, obviously, but I guess the “redo” was either because she’s so nice or because I’ve done extremely well in that class otherwise. Either way, I turned it back in yesterday and await the new grade on Monday (hopefully on Monday. We don’t have school tomorrow).

    wtf, he left you and MARRIED someone else? I don’t even see how there IS a chance to go back at that point!

    I hate having to ask for special accomodations like that (coming in cans), but I suppose it would be best. I hate it enough to have to ask for the nutritional guide — they usually don’t know what that is, so I have to say “the thing with the carbs on it” and whatnot — and I’m worried that they’ll think I’m trying to go on a diet, and that they’d think it in a scathing sort of way. I guess it really doesn’t matter, ultimately — I tell people to not worry about what others thing — but it’s harder to do it when it’s yourself. 😛


    I HATE WORRYING ABOUT COPYCATS. I have an article about identifying “stealers,” and one thing that I’ve actually noticed is that people tend to overreact. I’m not saying that you are; what made me think of this is how you modify the codes you get from places. There was this one girl in like March, I told her I liked the background rollover code that she had and did she know where I could get it? She told me she made it herself and she didn’t want me to copy. So I was like, “Oh, okay! I’ll find a different code online somewhere and modify it to suit my needs” and then she got all pissed that I was stealing “her” idea. Ideas can be similar, I told her, and I’d already seen that script somewhere else (seriously, it’s EVERYWHERE), and that I was planning on finding it in Javascript. She said, “It’s not Javascript!!” to which I replied that OBVIOUSLY I’m not copying her if we’re not even using the same programming language.

    …I don’t think I’ll ever get over that. A lot of people loved her site — and it was a good site, although I couldn’t get over the feeling that she was kind of a bitch — but it randomly vanished, so at least I don’t have to worry about the temptation of visiting her site to see what she’s doing (and thereby torturing myself). …That makes me sound so evil. I mean, I do feel bad if she lost all of her work and doesn’t have a site at ALL anymore (her host went down)… I don’t know what I’m trying to say now. XD

    Oh goodness, this is long. I hope you were enjoying a nice beverage of some sort while reading it. XD What’s the weather like in your country? Would you be sipping hot cocoa or iced tea?

  6. It really does! I know it’s hard to say things to someone when they’re mean, but it’s better than making a semi-private comment on somewhere like Facebook; it’s pretty sad in my opinion. I used to talk to this person was was close to him years ago, but I don’t know why the hell he’s hanging on… *rolls eyes*

    Wow, wow. I understand where you’re coming from with stealers. I’ve had my fair share of people stealing from me. It is worse when you have worked on it all yourself too. There are many navigation tutorials out there, but when I create my various types – I like to use backgrounds or customise them in small but creative ways – but people just want to steal it from me. One time, someone had quite obviously taken my navigation coding because the colours didn’t match their layout and they were the colours I used.

    In a similar situation someone else had taken my navigation but they hadn’t changed the links – so their links linked to my site. Gee, smart move.

    Stealing is definitely very unethical. I understand when people are inspired, but when they take something and claim it as their own or without credit at all or even when it’s not supposed to be used (like content that is not for site use)… wow, that’s just rude.

    I spend a lot of time on tutorials and I get people stealing them. Sometimes I, yes, I, like you, have to hack the code a bit as well. Gosh, some people.

    Might I also add to this long comment… this girl who stole my blogs. Like… WTF, no joke. She copied my entire blog and all she did was change the names. Now that is over (she said she “admired” my writing, geez) but I was extremely angry because my blogs can get quite personal. I thought that was really rude.

  7. Oh, stealers are a nasty piece of work; really they are. Thank you! I actually never even thought people would steal tutorials – I thought it was mainly graphics, so I worshiped my terrible graphics skills until I realised some really dumb people can steal anything. The partially good thing is that sometimes, people do notice when someone is a stealer, so even if you won’t do something about it, there might be a friend or a fan who would tell that person. (Rare, but it could happen.)

    As you said, wait for karma to do its work. With the person I mentioned in my blog (it’s actually a “he”. People thought it was a girl), no one liked or even replied to him on Facebook, so my friend told me, and apparently he had received an annoying MSN virus on his computer too. 😛 Karma indeed!

  8. If you can’t find a copy over there, then when I get the money I will buy you a copy and send it to you(only if you’d like that is). 🙂

    And that’s okay. I thought that the internet connection must of disconnected or something. Happens a lot.

    I’m thinking of trying to code my own layout as I have a lot of time this weekend as Hannes is at “Promise Keepers” which is a christian camp thing and I can’t text or talk to him.

    I already miss him a lot.

    I had a great idea for a blog for today, but now I can’t remember. It sucks. Lol.

  9. I am the same as you, I can’t buy online and it sucks. Wish I could but then I would be really poor.

    I want to code myself my own layout but I’m tired so I’m getting frustrated. 🙁

  10. I’m never satisfied with my own work. Lol. I might start in the morning as it’s 11:05pm here at the moment. So tired but I can’t sleep.

  11. Omg that sucks doesn’t it. Argh, I also hate over-sleeping so you get over-tired. Lol.

    That’s okay about the multiple messages 🙂

  12. Yeah, I don’t necessarily do my comments right away, either. I do them before my next blog post, though. I just think it’s rude when people post one or two or more posts and never replied to the original comment — or any of the other comments, if I comment on multiple posts.

    That is horrible! And it’s so obvious when you do something like that, too (the extreme plagiarizing). I don’t think it’s very hard to write a paper on your own… if it’s a research paper, just find like one or two pieces of information (per paragraph) to quote or paraphrase, then add your explanation (which should be roughly double the length of the data from your source).

  13. Well, I’ll have a new hostee eventually. I’m impatiently awaiting the e-mail where she tells me what she wants the name of the subdomain and e-mail to be. 😛

    lol, my dad is too funny. He let Gordon stay over on Sunday (which doesn’t impair me getting to school because it starts so late and I stop by his house before class anyway). Then my aunt had her birthday party on Wednesday, and at like 8pm Dad told him that he could say the night (and he did). Now I’m at Gordon’s, after going to the school’s library (we had the day off, but the library was open) to do some research. I’m meeting with my astronomy class on the campus at 8pm tonight and decided that I may as well wait here. Dad was going to pick me up afterward — probably around 9 or 10.

    He called me not too long ago and, with a lot of “uhh”s and hesitation, told me that he wanted to go to his friend’s house and that to do so I would have to stay at Gordon’s — if I wanted to, that is.

    He’s normally very assertive and would never say things like “uhh” — which he did every couple of seconds — so I told him that he was funny. It’s very odd to be staying three nights with Gordon in a week, when Dad’s rule is to stay once a week and only see him one other time. XD

  14. I’m so glad that I got a spare toothbrush to keep at his house. 😛 I have to wear his clothes for pajamas and use the family hairbrush and his mom’s deodorant, though… urgh… and I’m having my period and don’t know if the one pad I have with me will be enough. I don’t want to go buy more, though, because I’d only need one, I have like 3+ years’ worth at home, and it would use up most of the money I’m hoping to go shopping with tomorrow. Gordon needs new pants and so do I, so I was hoping we could take the bus to the thrift store down the street. I have, like… $8, which is enough to get one good pair of jeans with about $1 left over. So I can’t really spend any of it. 😛

    He’s getting his hair cut in the morning, at like 8am, which is going to annoy me. His mom uses a mechanical shaver thing that I’m sure will make a lot of noise, and sound travels far in his house… it will probably wake me up, and then I won’t be able to fall back asleep. Ugh. :/

    Haha, no, I completely understand. I’m so excited to have someone new. I offered her hosting like last week, and she said she’d love to, but then I had to have her fill out the form because of the password. But she MISSED the password, so I had to have her fill it out again (I just told her that she’d missed part of the rules and would know it when she saw it). I confirmed it yesterday and am, like I said, impatiently waiting her decision as to what the names will be. 😛

    SO EXCITED. I can’t even stand it. I’ve had my e-mail open constantly every time I’ve been online because it automatically refreshes every 30 seconds and I’m hoping for the reply. XD

  15. Just stumbled across your site tonight … Don’t think I’ve been here before, but I’m loving it already! We’re almost the same age, and we both seem to love cats, so it’s all good so far. 😉

    I’m in complete agreeance about the whole copycat thing, although I suppose I should consider myself lucky, as it hasn’t happened to me in a very long time! The last time would probably have been like … Mid 2007? Some random chick stole my entire layout and — Badly — Erased my site title by placing her own over it, LOL. The worst part, though, was that it was for a pro-anorexia site! 😯 Thankfully though, after I and a bunch of my eBuddies all eHarassed her with talk of lawyers and common decency, she removed the entire site … Probably because she didn’t speak English very well, being Czech. We probably scared the shit out of her, haha … Since then, though, I haven’t had to deal with the copycat issue at all! ❗

  16. Yeah, I was pretty glad about it too. Some things aren’t worth getting mad over; karma does its job.

    That is true. I have the tendency to bitch about people behind their backs sometimes… 😛 I’m hoping he doesn’t have another computer. I doubt he does. XD

    Anyway, how are you? 🙂 I should be doing my assignment right now but I thought I’d pop by and see what comments I have to return. XD

  17. Ah!Just now i had a taste of using the phone to go online!I used my father’s phone, xD.

  18. Hahaha nice. At uni, I always return comments in my lectures and stuff. Sometimes it gets boring and the wireless internet is hard to turn away from…!

    I’m doing pretty well. My mum just chucked a fit at me because I wanted to buy an iPhone… with my own money that I earned from my job. Gee. 🙄

    I’m still working on my essay and all. XD

  19. HA! who copied your site?
    what an arsehole!
    oh, cool you’re becoming a history teacher ^_^
    COOL!. you can help me with my vietnam history coursework! im kidding.
    what part of the world do you live in?
    i always assume anyone who calls uni, uni and not college is english ? : 😕

  20. Isi

    Parents can be very very very annoying. ugh they get on my nerves. i am soo happy to be home alone right now. nobody to disturb my peace lol
    Thanks soo much 😀
    Who copied you? Aww i’m soo sorry for the annoying copiers. I’ve done that once to be honest but the layout didn’t last a day after all those guilt that i felt. I removed it immediately.

    You are right, sometimes you might not even know if the site is for big companies and you copy it, you can consider yourself completely dead. is it possible to be banned of the internet?

  21. i’m doing fine; just prepping to leave at the end of the month and been on facebook a lot talking to a friend about putting together a paranormal team and go hopefully go ghost hunting next month :mrgreen:

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