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A post for the sake of posting

As you can read from the title, I don’t really have any interesting things to talk about. This post is merely to fill in my spare time. Read it if you will. If it doesn’t make you yawn with boredom, it would probably implode your mind with it’s crappy-ness. You have been warned.

Halloween gift from my hostee, Kyo. It’s nice, yeah?

Halloween gift from Kyo
Halloween gift

As you already probably know (I posted this in the previous blog post), I am suffering from runny nose and cough. The good news is, my cough has subsided. Bad news: my runny nose is getting, well… more runny. I have to keep a supply of tissue close to me all the time. Very troublesome.

The picture below is a pair of homemade fairy wings.

Fairy wings

My sister and I built it ourselves last week. We built it because my sister needed it for her school play. It was fairly easy to build though the process wasn’t as convenient. And the materials are easy to obtain: 4 wire hangers (for the wings), 2 pairs of pantyhoses, some strings, ribbons and a pair of scissors. All of these you can easily get from the local store.

My expires today and I haven’t paid for the next hosting cycle. I’ll probably do it later today.

The Articles section hasn’t been updated for quite a while now. I have two topics in mind currently but I’m not sure whether I will be writing about them or not.

The Lost Symbol

I’ve read Dan Brown‘s latest book, The Lost Symbol. Personally I think, the storyline isn’t as interesting as Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons. To me, it simply doesn’t possess the enigmatic and alluring aura of mystery and it lacks the “controversial” essence. I don’t know. That’s just my opinion. You might have a different one.

Which is more important to you in choosing a partner/spouse, the personality or looks?


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