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WordPress gone???


Much thanks to Kressa for pointing out that the layout looked weird on Firefox. I’ve fixed it now (I think). And many thanks to everyone for the nice feedbacks on the new layout. I greatly appreciate it. 😛

I’ve done some more tinkering on the comment feature. Modified the reply-to-comment function so that it looks nicer now (added that plucky little purple arrow!). 😉


I’m sad because my WordPress account on Chibiholic.net was hacked. The bastard hacker changed the password and email address so I can’t login or reset the password. In the end I had to delete the account and re-installed it. Good thing I didn’t create the whole site using WordPress, otherwise all the other pages would be gone too. I have no idea who did it, probably one of my haters out there. Heh.

I’m starting to miss my previous layout already. But no worries, I won’t go back to using it as it would mean wasting all the efforts I made to create this layout, not to mention all the customising I did after installing it (which resulted in screwing up the account) would also go down the drain.
I like this layout enough. I tried not to ‘abuse’ the pink colour so I mixed all sorts of light/pastel colours and I’m glad that they turned out to blend well together. Hahaha! The background colour is still the same though, because I was just too lazy to change it.

It’s just a few more days to Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Some of you may call it Eid Mubarak, it doesn’t matter, it’s the same thing anyway. But this year I don’t feel like celebrating it. Somehow the joy and purpose of it has left me. Ha, that’s like saying you’re not enjoying Christmas. LOL.

Slashforums has been down for a couple of days. I have no idea why and I haven’t contacted the owners yet.


  1. yeah, my website is also down right now… when the desire to post is here back, the web is down -__-

    btw Selamat Hari Raya!

  2. yeah, I really want to post right now since i will be on hiatus starting tomorrow until this thursday :((

  3. this make me want to change host 😥

  4. I’m sorry to hear about being hacked! That’s happened to me before, and it’s so awful. 🙁

    I like this new layout by the way! Just a suggestion, maybe you can make the background a pale/pastel yellow or green? 🙂

  5. i got hacked too yesterday.
    so f—ing annoyed.
    i cant wait for eid! have you got anything planned?

  6. : O
    that hacker is a bastard !
    you’re soo right ! LOL.

    ouu, what’s ” Hari Raya Aidil Fitri” ? 🙂

    and lol thanks !
    it took me YEARS of practice to blend like that. 😛 lmfao.
    but i always love the colours of your layouts !
    they’re soo cuuute and matchy. LOL >:)

  7. 🙂 yes. you should be hearing a lot of Hannes (sort of said like Hun-is). 🙂 thanks for voting for me hon. i appreciate it. i would really like to win but i doubt i will.

  8. kym

    gosh so ur celebrating ramadan as well?
    haha…really unique.
    anyway..nice layout..
    thanks for always commenting on my site.
    yay! got new post..i hope u can drop by,

  9. idk why, but your layout is showing up oddly for me on FF. i’ll show you a screenshot on my site when i post it. right now i’m kinda mourning over the loss of a family friend’s child. the fact i said “kinda” makes me sound so heartless, but that’s not the case. i feel that way because a couple days ago, i sensed something was wrong coz abruptly out of nowhere — i started crying, and for me when that happens, it usually means someone i know has either passed on or it’s about to happen and the news is yet to come.

  10. Ivy

    Awwws, sorrys!! 🙁 Sorry about someone hacking the WordPress account. I hate that! You should backup all files and the layout creation. I started doing it after awhile because just in case something like this happen. I hope all is well.

    Take care<3

  11. glad to see you fixed it 🙂

  12. That sucks about your wordpress thing 🙁
    I like your layout 🙂 the popsicle reminds me of summer, which is good now that it’s not so summery anymore!

  13. hye Kitty!

    Thanks for the codes *hugs* I will put it up when my wp problem is solved.

    Anyway! Tomorrow is Raya *scream!* XD A lot of people is going back to my fathers hometown so i will gain more duit raya than last year. Doa for my rezeki XD but the worst part is i have to sleep on the floor since my father is the youngest child and so i have to sleep on the floor -__- it hurts my back 🙁

  14. Nice site!
    Oh, whatta stupid hacker! I hate hackers. They are such wastes. Why do they do things like that? If they hate someone then they should ask the person they hate to talk about the problem–not to do worse things like this. 😡

  15. oooooooooooooh. mint sauce green. i like it. 🙂 “thumbs up”. it suits better than the peach.
    take care.
    xxx 🙂

  16. lol yeah i guess!
    i was really scared to get it though, because i HATE needles. ;/
    so it was a real pain, but luckily it didn’t hurt that much!

    kay so what happened with kanye was that..
    during the MTV VMAs, or whatever award show it was, i forgot. 😛
    Taylor swift won the award for i think Best Female Video?
    and then Kanye (drunk) goes up and was like
    “Taylor, taylor, ima let you finish…but BEYONCE HAD THE BEST VIDEO EVER.”
    and he did it RIGHT in the middle of her thank you speech.
    it was soo retarded. D: lol.

    you should watch vampire diaries!
    it’s a really good show. 😎

  17. and OH I SEE!
    well that’s a sick holiday. 😀 ahaha.

  18. I never noticed that your layout looked funny on FF. 🙂 Glad you fixed it.

    How have you been my lovely?

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