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Will be away

You might notice that I’ve changed the background-colour of the layout. It’s pastel green now (the colour was suggested by Liza). I think it looks much nicer now. 🙂

Tomorrow it will be the beginning of the Aidilfitri/Eid Mubarak month as well as my Uni’s mid-semester break. You might be thinking this is a fun time for me. Au contraire my friends, it is actually one of the most horrifying time because I need to finish all my assignments by the end of this week. Imagine other people are partying themselves out for the whole week while I’m stuck doing schoolwork. Totally not fun. But that’s life.

I went to watch G-Force with Leon yesterday. The cinema was so empty that I could’ve sworn there were just the two us in it. A good movie, worth watching. Spolier alert: The mole was THE MOLE!! Lol!

Human logic is a funny thing. If something makes sense to us, it doesn’t it makes sense to other people/things as well. If you remember me mentioning in one of the previous posts about my cousin (deceased) who went missing. In the post I did not specify the exact reason of his disappearance, but for the sake of this topic, I will now. He was actually attacked by a croc while fishing. Anyway, a few days after that disastrous event, all sorts of croc stories came out. Some were as wild as the animal itself. I won’t mention the ridiculous stories here because they might implode on you. But one of the stories amused me very much. Some people actually believed that if you kill a crocodile, the rest of the croc gang would come and seek revenge on you. Perhaps there maybe some grain of truth, I’ve heard a story about people being attacked by a group of monkeys after one of the humans killed a monkey but to generalise that animals go about taking revenge is just absurd. Just because humans take revenge upon people who harm their beloved ones doesn’t mean the same principle applies to animals as well. Weird logic.

It also makes me realise that humans LOVE anthromorphising things. From animals to stuffed dolls, EVERYTHING.
Here’s an example, you have a cat that you named Miss Peachy. You talked to it and pretended that it talks back to you.
You: good morning Miss Peachy.
Ms. Peachy/You (in a voice that you imagine belongs to Miss Peachy: good morning Jane.
You: does Miss Peachy want biscuits?
Ms. Peachy/You: yes please. And make sure they’re crunchy and with extra sugar coating on them. Thank you.

So that was that. Funny how human minds work, don’t you think?

On an entire different note, I feel I have been neglecting Chibiholic for quite a while now. I seriously don’t know what to do with it so I think I am going to put in on revamp soon. I will be removing most of the stuff from the site. So if you need to contact me on anything relating to Chibiholic, you may just post your queries here.

I won’t be able to update the site for the whole week but no worries, I will still be able to reply to comments, tags and emails. I’ve got my phone to do that work, hehehe. 😉

Okay, now that I’ve given you a lot to think, I shall leave you guys (for now) with these questions:

1. Does your family know you own a blog/website? If yes, do they read it?
2. What is your biggest regret in life?
3. If you are granted one wish, what would it be?


  1. Answers:

    1)My family know i own a blog but they doesn’t read it except my damn sister -__- My mother keep on saying to others family friends about my blog but they never know the url 😛

    2)Told one of my friend to link me and saying to my mom i have a blog 🙁

    3)Have a paypal account and a phone i can use to surf the net.

    p/s: wow! you can use your phone to browse the net! If i’m not wrong, It is expensive to browse internet using phone 😥

  2. btw the link i gave you will be my temporary blog site 😉

  3. 1. Does your family know you own a blog/website? If yes, do they read it?
    – In my family, my parents and my bro are the only ones who know about my website and yes, my parents read my blogs except my bro although he knows it. 😛
    2. What is your biggest regret in life?
    – I can’t decide easily. There are so many things that happened to me that I’ve regretted. 😕
    3. If you are granted one wish, what would it be?
    – To be an international celebrity, haha! 😀

    By the way, thanks to your comment about my WordPress theme. I’m glad you liked it. Well, I just wanna let you know that I’m open for WordPress themes orders. Prices will be $5-$10 depending on the design. Just contact me for more details and if you wanna try this service of mine/if you’re interested. Thanks! 😉

  4. 1. Does your family know you own a blog/website? If yes, do they read it?
    They know it.But I doubt that they read it cause they don’t even care about it!

    2. What is your biggest regret in life?
    To be honest,i don’t really know as there are certain big regrets that i would not like to reveal.

    3. If you are granted one wish, what would it be?
    I would like to have unlimited wishes! 😛

  5. YAY, you’re still gonna reply to comments !
    (i hope [yn])

    1. nope. and nope. =)
    2. meeting you. LOL i joke. =) you’re too cool. 8D
    i think not studying hard enough is something i regret. ;P
    3. to be valedictorian when i graduate (Y)

    AHA, yeup. it was really stupid of him .
    and honestly, why did they even let him on stage? geez.

    =O that really sucks !
    gurr, needles are stupid. xD
    they should make us like , drink it or something.
    AHAHA. xD

  6. Not really busy so much as… I don’t know… perhaps lazy? Ha. I keep having random spells where for like a week I just don’t feel like going on the site. It worries me. 🙁 My first day at Clark is tomorrow, so I’m going to start getting busy very soon. Probably the only time I’ll be going on my site is between classes at school… sigh.

    It has been too long since I talked to you. :/

    Should I change my affiliation link to Nekonette instead of Chibiholic?

    1. Does your family know you own a blog/website? If yes, do they read it?
    2. What is your biggest regret in life?
    I don’t really know. I try not to keep track of those, because then I dwell.
    3. If you are granted one wish, what would it be?
    I have no idea, and I’m not really up for deep thought at the moment. XD

  7. Oh! By the way, I like this layout. 🙂

  8. Will do. 🙂 I’ll change your button, too… I always love changing my affiliates’ buttons. 😀

  9. ahaha that’s okay. 🙂
    valedictorian is the top student.
    it’s like a higher uhm, place than Student of the Year.
    it’s like the best student of all the graduates. :p
    i dont know if that makes any sense. xD

  10. lol well i hope so too!
    the only thing that would probably stop me is the fact that i haven’t been there from the beginning .. like from kindergarten or whatever. 😛
    but hopefully they’ll put how long you’ve been there aside and pick me (YN)

    how are you doing? (:

  11. good luck finishing all of your schoolwork this week 🙂

  12. i think we animate objects and animals because of our vast and wondrous imaginations from when we were children. and children have the strongest memories and can store so much more than adults and our brains sometimes create paths that makes use believe that inanimate objects have personalities.
    anyways, no need for the science. 😀

    1. Does your family know you own a blog/website? If yes, do they read it? yes, my sister do and they read it. usually.
    2. What is your biggest regret in life? thinking i fell in love.
    3. If you are granted one wish(with no conditions), what would it be? that i could fly.

  13. 1. Does your family know you own a blog/website? If yes, do they read it?
    Yes they do, I think my mum does sometimes. Also my boyfriend knows I have it and he reads it. Some of my friends know too.

    2. What is your biggest regret in life?
    I don’t think I really regret anything. I sometimes think I do but everything happens for a reason.

    3. If you are granted one wish, what would it be?
    That everyone and everything could be happy and no one had to live in poverty, and everyone had enough money to survive for the rest of their lives. Stuff like that. 🙂

  14. It’s the BUTTONS that I like changing. I always love finding newer, cuter (in some cases) ones. Or ones that are more representative of the person as a whole. I dunno… it’s just fun. 🙂

  15. Oh. Hrm. Which resolution did you design the layout for?

  16. Oh, okay! That makes more sense… what I was thinking when I read your comment was, “Well, of course I wouldn’t like deleting affiliates.” lol.

  17. lol! I know the overly-pink sites you’re talking about… I see those on a lot of blogsites. It seems like they’re all from a certain nationality (although I’m definitely not sure), but it’s like EVERYTHING is pink except for either the text or the text’s background. XP

    No worries! I obviously diss those sorts of people, too. XD

  18. oh well, it’s cool that you’re eating looooads 😎
    you should go visit some buffets and stuff ! hehe.

    and yea, i’ll try my best and hopefully i’ll get picked !

    i’m doing good.
    i’m sick at the moment. 🙁
    everyone in my class was pretty much sick,
    so it wasn’t unlikely. 😛

    how long is your holiday thing for? 😛

  19. I know! People are so… cheap. XP

    Haha, yeah, I read that advertising comment and was like, “OH, THE IRONY!” because I have no idea who that person is. Although I don’t really like foul language, I really wanted to go to the person and say, “F— YOU!” but it’s an MB, so I can’t a) be sure who originally posted that and b) can’t contact them personally because of that.

    I’m thinking of mentioning it in the next blog, though. I’m torn between providing the URL or not, because although there’s a chance people could go and find ways to abuse that person in ways I can’t think of doing, it might also bring in real business. I think I’ll just copy and save the text and delete the comment itself, actually… so nobody has access to the URL. XP

    That ticks me off so much, though.

  20. aw thank you. 🙂
    and yes, probably!
    well for me it was mostly because the people in my class were sick ,
    and i guess i just got it from them.
    but the weather’s being pretty like…good then bad as well. Dx

    aw that sucks ! D:
    they should like pay you or something , i dont know. 😛 ahah.
    well it’s good that you’re not having a really bad holiday, y’know?
    cause then that would DEFINITELY suck. D:

  21. and oh, you answered the questions ! ahaha. xD
    “My boyfriend: for making me realise that I can be a so much better person and not stay down there with the rest of the ignorant people. :D”
    aw so cute ! (: ahaha.

  22. I love the new layout, but I think the background would look 10x better as the green that is in the comment box. The minty pastel hurts my eyes~ Wahh.
    My friends and I went to the theatre once and it was completely empty. The one person who was in there actually left, so we had it all to ourselves. Awesome feeling.

  23. I don’t do paid advertising, and I think I get enough hits… if people are so desperate for hits, that’s totally now the way to go. 😛

    I deleted the whole thing and saved only the message. I do still want to mention it, but I want the blog to be about my mom’s new kitten! 😀

  24. The kitten blog is up! 😀

    Oh man… good luck. :/ How much longer do you have to do it?

    I have to do an assignment tomorrow for Monday and should probably do the one for Tuesday as well… although that’s quite a different situation from yours. XD

  25. hehe. we hoomins are weird. XP
    have a nice week and a nice time at uni.
    (are you still in education?)
    – Farhana

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