New LIZ LISA sandals!

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A lot has been happening in my life lately: I’ve got a temporary job as a relief/substitute teacher at a secondary school. It doesn’t pay much but it’s better than nothing. I also went for a short vacation to West Malaysia last month to shop for fabrics to wear to my cousin’s wedding in September.

Eid is also just round the corner; so that means major cleaning around the house. I’m not too keen on that but on the other hand, Eid is also a good excuse for me to get a new pair of shoes.

As you already know, I’m a fan of the brand Liz Lisa. I love the florals, the lace, the frills; basically the kawaii (Japanese word meaning cute) factor of the brand. However at my age, it seems inappropriate for me to continue wearinq those kind of clothes anymore (I read somewhere if you’ve passed the age of 25, avoid wearing florals and pastels). While I agree that you should be free to wear whatever you like, I also believe that one should have the wisdom to dress appropriately, like knowing what type of clothing that suit one’s body type and that there is such thing as TOO OLD or TOO YOUNG for (insert choice of clothing here). Bearing that in mind, I am no longer purchasing Liz Lisa dresses or tops (except whenever I get those compulsive buying moments) but I still covet the shoes and accessories.

For this year’s Eid, I decided to get this pair of sandals:



I love these sandals.

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