Wearing out slowly

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This is a quick update on things that are going on in my life. I knew that I will be very busy in these 14 weeks but I didn’t realise how the work attachment is almost taking all my time. I rarely have the time to tweet or even to reply to comments. The work is draining me out everyday and I sleep late every night because I need to prepare the things for the next day’s teaching. :(

Leon and I went to the postal office to pick up a parcel that I ordered for him weeks ago. The package took such a long time to arrive that I was beginning to think that it might be lost in the shipping process. I didn’t want to blog about it when I ordered it because I didn’t want Leon to find out what it is. Now that it has arrived I can let you guys know what’s inside the package. ;)

LEGO Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum®

LEGO Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum®

Leon‘s a big fan of LEGO sets so I’d thought it would make a nice new year gift for him. :)

I’ve also recently bought another domain name (I bought it on impulse), Kitty-kat.org. Since it was totally unplanned, I’ve set the domain as a parked domain under Nekonette.com so now you can access this website through Kitty-kat.org as well. ;)

A week ago I received an email from a friend telling me I won the first prize in her Haiku writing contest. I was so excited about it as I’ve never written a haiku before. It does take some creativity to come up with a really nice haiku. Mine wasn’t done well enough (me thinks) but all the same I’m glad I won the contest. :D

I’ll try to return the comments whenever I can. God I’m starting to despise this work attachment so much.

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