Mixed feelings

Posted on: September 13th, 2009 • 12 commentsLeave a comment?
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As before, I tried upgrading the WordPress to the Version 2.8.4. Initially everything went smooth, but when I edited the functions page, everything screwed up. I swear I’m not gonna do any upgrades again in the future. URGHHHH!!
I managed to get everything up again in half an hour. Pheww!

Anyway, on another note, Nekonette has a new look. YAY! :)

Gift from my friend/ex-hostee, Dorine:

Gift from Dorine

Added a new article to the Articles section – Should I use frames?

Busy days ahead. I won’t be updating often.

P.S.: being a complete moron does not give you the right to blame others.

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12 comments to Mixed feelings

  1. #118    Syahadah says:

    so your older blog post is gone? :O

    both of my parent is the youngest children so our age different with other cousins is big! I have a niece that is older than me two years. Im an aunt since im born.. weird eh? -__-

  2. #119    Dorine says:

    Hey there.What’s wrong with your blog that you need to edit?

  3. #123    Syahadah says:

    so crazy XD At least you have some cousins same with your age. If I went to Muar, Johor. (my father hometown). Me and my siblings kinda like stick together because everyone is too old so we don’t have any friend. :((

  4. #124    Merii-Beth says:

    exactly why i never updated my wordpress ! D: LOL

    i like this new layout though !
    it was just as cool as your last one :D lOL

    LOOOOL “is that superman?”

  5. #117    Ashleenah-Page says:

    i love the new layout. omg, have heaps to tell you. :razz:

  6. #125    Ashleenah-Page says:

    Leon is a friend of my brothers (my brother was the best man) and Taz is Leons wife. lol.

    yeah i’m great.

    i’ve met a boy, ha ha, he’s amazingly hot (he’s in one of the pictures) but he’s only 15. he is quite mature though. i am going to get myself into so much trouble. lol. he’s been texting me all day and he even rung me today. lol. but he lives like 5 hours away.

    i think that’s enough for now.

  7. #126    Farhana says:

    hey there! :)
    aww the note thing is really sweet.
    and your new header image is really cute! :razz:
    your peachy coloured bg seems trademark and it’s a good thing you kept it.

  8. #127    Merii-Beth says:

    oh wow. that sucks !
    kay , so like , i’m not gonna be updating mine. :D haha.

    yeah definitely ! LOL.
    but it looks really good.
    i honestly could never make the layouts you can make.
    i’m just good at blending, not really like presentation and stuff,
    like placing them properly and everything. D: lol

  9. #128    mizarwen says:

    Ur header looks so pretty and cute, Kit. :mrgreen: hey, can u do me my blog header and my personal header?

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